babyragsnstuff*® Gives Back!

babyragsnstuff*® is a socially conscious company that believes in making a difference in the world, even on a very small scale.  We believe that all children deserve to live happily and to be healthy; and to that end, we  pledge to donate 5% of every purchase to global or national charitable organizations that serve children.

Current donations will be made to SERUDS Orphanage for Girls & Boys in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India. SERUDS Orphanage cares for approximately 60 orphans, rescued street children found by volunteers, and children from impoverished families who are unable to provide proper education and food. The orphanage provides three nutritious meals a day, education, computer skills training, clothing, blankets, toiletries, professional counseling, healthcare services, and most importantly, love and security. SERUDS Orphanage is operated solely through contributions.

If you would like to make a direct donation to this worthy organization, please click the following link, and you will be re-directed to the SERUDS Orphanage website:

In the past, we have donated to the CURE Children's Hospital of Uganda. If you would like to donate to CURE, please click the following link:

If you would like to suggest a global or national children's charity that is close to your heart and that you would like for us to support, please email your suggestion to

 babyragsnstuff* gives back - SERUDS Orphanage in Kurnool, India